About Our Salon

Our staff and management at ZA Nafees Salon are in the business of offering the highest possible professional hair care and service, in a warm and friendly, family-oriented environment. We believe our clientele to be the most valuable people to us in our profession. Our clients are all treated with respect and we always strive to exceed their overall expectations. With honesty and integrity, we service our clients with the best care. We give the highest priority to our clients and give most valuable services to them. Always satisfy all the needs of our customers what they expect from us and never disappoint them.

Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon
  • Hair Salon

Our customers with their new style

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Our Services


    Hair Style Service

    Your hair reflects your personality more than you might think! For both men and women, short hair suggests an extroverted and bold personality. Medium hair length with a casual flip depicts intelligence and a 'comfort over style' attitude. Women with long, straight hair stand for feminism and affluence.

  • Our beauty therapists understand you

    Beauty & Makeup Service

    Beauty and Make up is a tool that enhances your inherent beauty and adds to your confidence be it a tough nut presentation or even more nerve racking and one of the most important roles in your life.

  • Professional Skin Specialists

    Skin Realated Service

    Get rid of the dirt, grime due to pollution, those lines and wrinkles due to age and let your skin breathe. Feel your tensions disappear as they gently massage your skin and actually fall asleep with the rejuvenating masks.

  • Looking a beautiful Nails style

    Nails Art Experts

    Rest your tired limbs, soak them in warm water with salts from the dead sea. Envelope them in masks which improves their appearance and health.

  • Get ready for wedding


    It is the basic of all make-up, so invest in a good foundation – it pulls your look together, controls the production of oil, and makes you look fresh for the duration it is on. The type of foundation depends on the skin type and skin colour.

At Glance Services

We pride ourselves on being that comfortable.


Bridal MakeUp


Hair Extensions

Haircut + Shave


Trim (Back and Sides)


Beard Trim